Futurity Medical is pleased to inform you that after many years of looking, we have found Billy Zephrani, a highly trained Registered Massage Therapist, with extensive expertise in therapeutic deep tissue clinical massage.

This massage therapy is not designed simply for relaxation, but is a very powerful therapeutic modality for the management and treatment of many types of pains. We have always utilized deep tissue massage as one of our primary therapies for pain and are now very pleased to be able to offer this service at a very high level within our own premises.

Please speak to your physician or Micki for details.

Billy Zephrani, Registered Massage Therapist, is an independent contract associate of Futurity. According to guidelines we are disclosing to you that Futurity Medical receives financial gain from this association. You are not required to attend massage therapy specifically with Mr. Zephrani and can certainly choose any practitioner you wish.