Contacting the office via e-mail is an uninsured service, not covered by OHIP.

Patients may contact the office by email when appropriate. This uninsured service is covered for patients who have subscribed to the Annual Fee for Uninsured Services. An invoice will be issued to those who are not subscribers to the Annual Fee for Uninsured Services.

Contacting the office by phone (416-487-2052) is the most effective way to communicate with Futurity Medical. If you reach our voicemail please leave a message as it will be reliably answered in a reasonable amount of time. 

Appointments can only be booked or changed by phone. If you are having a medical issue that needs attention, a phone message rather than an e-mail is the best way to contact the office for maximum efficiency in having your issue attended to and managed. You will on occasion receive an e-mail reminder or appointment confirmation. These e-mails are designed only to inform you of something as a reminder or a courtesy and are sent from an address that does not accept responses.

Communication by e-mail to Futurity Medical (which again, is an uninsured service) should be addressed to: